Glacier Woodturners


Last additions - Flathead High School Demo
Richard turns a plate867 viewsI'm turning a maple plate about 9" in dia from wood Jeff donated.Jan 16, 2012
Norm makes a bell732 viewsNorm is making a bell. We learned how in one of Larry's mentoring sessions. Jan 16, 2012
Larry made file handles to give to the class735 viewsThe handles go on files in the shop for the students to use. One way to show them that they can make useful items. Jan 16, 2012
Joanne's finials on display872 viewsA few items that Joanne displayed for the students. Jan 16, 2012
Jeff and Joanne discuss finials and boxes while Larry works on handles.807 viewsJeff tells the students about the detail work Joanne is doing. Jan 16, 2012
Al makes the chips fly!820 viewsAl gives the students a good demonstration on how to make the chips fly while making a bowl. Jan 16, 2012
Al admires his chip throwing abilities!889 viewsAl stops long enough to see how his chip throwing abilities have impressed the students!Jan 16, 2012
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